About Three Rivers Dance

Creating a meaningful impact in the lives of families through the exposure of professional dance

For the summer of 2018, Three Rivers Dance will have its first performance at  Lakeside Park on June 20th

In the case of inclement weather the performance will be held at Forest Park Elementary School.

Strengthening the Community

Three Rivers Dance exists to promote that dance enriches lives and everyone should have the chance to be a part of the dance community. We aim to provide the opportunity for dance students to grow in the studios and on stage. At each performance, we partner with a dance studio located near the park and share the stage with them. The partner studio have the chance to perform a work that showcases the studio’s talent. In the studios, we open up our company classes to the public, so that the next generation of local students can learn from and build relationships with our professional dancers.



Developing Artists

Three Rivers Dance believes in building a stronger dance community by supporting local artists. We aim to create a platform for dancers and choreographers where they can continue to grow as artists. By hiring artists we provide them the time and resources needed to make works that leave a meaningful impact on audiences. We believe that investing in our artists here at Three Rivers Dance boosts the larger creative economy of Fort Wayne by creating more jobs and making it easier for dance to be produced and presented.

Performing in the Parks

Three Rivers Dance provides free live outdoor performances to increase exposures of local dance and allow dance to be accessible to more people. All of our performances take place in Fort Wayne, IN during the summer. The performances include a variety of dance including ballet, modern, and ballroom.


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